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I’m Mihály Keserű, a designer with focus on design in tech, digital branding, and inclusion.

My first job was helping out my dad with the layout of the TV schedule page in the local paper. In QuarkXPress. In 1999. Got paid in chocolates. In the meantime, I got a master’s degree in International Relations, studied Typography, worked as a designer in 3 different countries, developing products, creating brands, transitioning companies to the digital world.

Currently I work as a UX Designer at siroop, Switzerland’s first online marketplace, creating an ecommerce experience that lives up to the promise "Happy Shopping". My focus is on creating a learning culture, where product decisions are based on actual business and user needs, and solidifying the siroop design system, which enables the brand to scale.

I was born and raised in Hungary. Currently I live in Zurich together with my wife and two kids. I’m passionate about nature, cooking and fighting social injustice. And peanut butter.

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